When you have recorded and mixed your masterpiece and have the completed audio tracks ready for use, Cameron Audio will also provide you a mastering service.

Mastering is the final step before a recording becomes the final output format of your choice, i.e. CD or DVD. Mastering typically involves both the artistic and technical process of sequencing & spacing recordings, processing dynamics, leveling, equalizing, noise reduction and stereo enhancement.

Perhaps your audio is quieter or has less ‘punch than what you hear on commercial CD’s. Between songs the volume may vary dramatically requiring you to turn the volume up or down to achieve the listening levels you want. Maybe the balance of the mixes varies from muffled or dull to bright and edgy. If you suffer from any of the above, then you are in need of mastering services.

At Cameron Audio, our philosophy of mastering has been heavily influenced by the work of one of the ‘gurus’ of the mastering world, Bob Katz. One of the key themes of Bob’s work is that the modern obsession with making recordings loud has resulted in wimpy, distorted masters. Hyper compressed masters are like reading a book WHERE ALL THE WORDS ARE IN CAPITALS. If there is no quiet as a contrast, then loud is never perceived as loud.

Unfortunately, in the real world, good is sometimes sacrificed at the price of loud. We at Cameron Audio can make your masters sound as loud as is appropriate for your type of music, BUT we will also strive to show you the compromise of how you can increase loudness without compromising the quality and punch of your audio.

So when you are ready to master your masterpiece then simply contact the team, and we will work with you to ensure the perfect clarity of sound your work deserves.

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