Location Recording

Location recording involves recording a band, ensemble or artist in a location other than a traditional recording studio and without the presence of a live audience. We have experience of recording acts in warehouses, practice rooms, offices and homes with great success. Unlike live recording, location work enables you to use more techniques of good engineering to separate sounds, without interfering with the live performance.

Some of the classic recordings in history have been captured outside of a studio on location. These include: The Rolling Stones Exile On Mainstreet, recorded at Nellcôte France, David Bowie’s Low, recorded at Chateau d'Herouville, again in France, and Deep Purple’s Machine Head, recorded at the Grand Hotel Montreux Switzerland.

One of the main advantages of location recording is that we can help you create an environment that helps your creativity and performance. This leads to a more relaxed and open approach to recording that then captures the magic of the performance. Also, unlike a live performance, you can then record multiple takes, or track instruments individually. location recording is a good compromise between capturing the spontaneity of a live performance with the discipline of a traditional studio recording.

So wherever you want to record and to take your sound, Cameron Audio can make it happen. To discuss your ideas simply contact the team  info@cameronaudio.com

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