Live venue recording

Recording a band, ensemble or artist at a live venue has a number of advantages over a traditional studio recording. Live recordings will often capture the magic of a performance and the resulting atmosphere of the crowd. The traditional downside of live recording, such as sound leakage and the resulting phase problems can now be substantially minimized through the use of good engineering and new technology. Examples of good engineering include use of the 5 to 1 microphone placement technique, utilising the ‘nulls’ of microphone pick up patterns and the use of space and acoustic dividers where possible.

Examples of new technology that will aid your live recording with Cameron Audio include the increased live use of guitar amp emulators, such as the POD and powerful sound replacement software, such as Drumagog, that can be used to retain the timing and emphasis of individual drum hits.

Live Band

Live recordings are also an excellent way for a band, ensemble or artist to improve their performance. By objectively listening to a recording and the crowds’ reaction, what may have sounded great from the stage, can often be heard differently from a revealing live recording. Live recordings are now often used as a ‘free’ online marketing tool using websites, or music sharing sites such as ‘myspace’ or ‘amazingtunes’ for example to help promote a band or artist. These free sharing sites can also be used to promote full quality studio recordings.

As an additional option for your live performance we can also offer to film your event from one or more camera locations and edit this together with the final audio tracks. The final output format can be DVD, and / or web friendly formats for posting to YouTube or similar web sharing sites or indeed your own website.

Working with Cameron Audio, all these advances will enable you to capture the excitement of your live performance, without sacrificing the sound quality of the recording. Whether you are a 40 piece orchestra, a rock band, or a jazz duo, or experimental combo - for further information simply contact the team at to discuss whatever you need.