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Computer Hardware Dedicated PC work station
Dedicated mobile audio laptop
Computer Software Cubase 4
Waves plugins
PSP Vintage Warmer 
Sample Tank
DSP powered Effects Universal Audio UAD card x 2 (list of plugins)
TC Electronics Powercore
Converters and outboard RME Fireface 56 channel AD-DA converter
Broadhurst Gardens No.1 mic preamp
Focusrite Octopre 8 channel mike preamp x2
Focusrite Voicemaster
Microphones Rode K2 valve microphone
Rode NT1
Rode NT3
Rode NT5 x 2
Shure SM58 & 57 x 8
AKG D112
Monitoring KRK VXT6
Video Production  
Cameras Sony HVR-Z1
Sony DCR-HC96
Video Editing Adobe Premiere Pro