Web event / online meeting production

A web event or online meeting utilises the power of the internet to broadcast your message to a global audience in a fast and cost effective manner. Often the online element is run simultaneously in conjunction with an actual physical event or meeting. This is often referred to as a simulcast. At Cameron Audio we have years of experience working with these types of services and can provide a full professional service including:

  • Pre-event consultation and advice on getting the best out of your online session.
  • Support during your event, which can include: onsite video capture and streaming, audio for online and PA systems, managing online and onsite Q&A and session recording.
  • Post-event support would include a general debrief, Q&A and chat records, attendee information, and the editing and production of the recorded session.
To find out how online events and meetings could help you reach your business goals, contact info@cameronaudio.com to discuss the options.